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How I Work


By providing an authentic, safe, trusting supportive environment focused on only you, I will work with you towards making a difference in your life, while being sensitive to your needs and respecting you as a whole person.

Understanding that your life experiences are unique to you and that everyone is different, I will therefore work with you as an individual, sensitively allowing your needs to guide our work together to make positive change.

By tailoring my work to your needs and personal circumstances, gaining an understanding of you as an entire person, my aim is to provide the space for you where I can facilitate hope and encouragement.

It is important for me to focus on how you are actually feeling on the inside, giving you the time to feel comfortable to take off the mask you have had to wear.

Respecting you as whole person, I work by following your pace to gently explore what is causing you discomfort or distress by providing you with the space to freely express yourself. Giving you the space to release and discover.

We will work together in supporting you to gain understanding and learn new coping skills to deal with the issues that may have been holding you back and placing limits on your life.

Whatever it may be that is impacting upon you, my aim is to help you find greater ease in managing by developing healthier ways to connect and communicate with others and reconnect with who you really are!

Let’s work together in aiming towards a more settled and fulfilled life.

My Approach


Within my work, I use an Integrative approach, trained in person centred/humanistic, psychodynamic and CBT therapy. This gives me the freedom to be flexible and allows me to use a fusion of varied therapeutic tools and techniques to suit your individual needs.

​I work by providing you with a space to firstly feel listened too.

A safe, non-judgemental space focussed on only you, where you can explore whatever is on your mind, share your thoughts, and your feelings.

I will support you in addressing any issues and concerns that have been affecting you or areas in your life that you may be finding difficult to process.

Working together we can take a deeper look into areas that may affecting you, while connecting how present behaviours, patterns and relationships are related to issues stemming from experiences from the past.

I am a registered member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) and abide by the BACP’s Ethical Framework. I also hold full professional liability insurance.

How I Work: About Therapy

"If your always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be"

Maya Angelo

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