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My passion is to enable positive transformation. Aiming to create emotional wellness, building self-worth and promoting healing and strengthening. 

Hello, my name is Marlicah, I am an experienced and professionally qualified therapeutic integrative counsellor and psychotherapist.

I understand that you may be affected by your current circumstances or past experiences you have been through, or you may be struggling in areas in your life at present that are causing you difficulties and painful emotions. 


You may be feeling sad, depressed, isolated, lonely, confused, experiencing low self-esteem and/or suffering with anxiety and panic attacks.

Or maybe you are struggling with other areas, such as issues relating to relationships, family, work, trauma, abuse, neglect, addiction, loss or grief, discrimination, feeling bullied or suicidal, which may be having a significant impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Whatever it may be, I am here to listen.

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     Get To Know Me


As long as I can remember, I have always had a strong passion to positively impact on others, in hope of making lasting change in those who need it. My personal experiences in life encouraged me to build a career supporting others.

I have accumulated 20 years working professionally with a diverse range of people, in a person-centred focus way, with an array of different needs, life challenges, traumas and experiences.

Being of dual heritage (African/European) and growing up in London has also informed my work. Not only has my personal experiences, both past and present enabled me to build connections with people from different ethnicities and cultures. These experiences have also strengthened my awareness and understanding of the impact on various diverse groups, the experiences, adversity, challenges, and feelings surrounding this.

​My invaluable experience working within mental health, within several mental health services and organisations, including the NHS, UK charities, addiction and gender specific services with both adults, young people and families has enabled me to work effectively with great understanding and confidence, with a multi- dimensional perspective.

​I currently work therapeutically within my own private practice, as well as an addiction centre and a large non-profit organisation.​

After spending over 17 years working specifically within mental health, working with a multitude of diagnosis, and presenting needs, I felt there was a lack of ongoing support in place for those who needed it, due to several limitations.

I wanted to create a therapeutic service, with no limitations, only a dedication to supporting others in unlocking the answers from within and provide healing.

​I created A Place Called Me, to provide a place where I can gain an understanding of you, give you the space to release and discover.

   "I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become."
C. G. Jung
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