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Feedback from some of my clients

"You have given me the power to change, I now have a clearer mind"

"This has been a turning point with me, I no longer feel crippled with darkness
I'm no longer crying everyday, I feel like I have run out of tears knowing you give me a safe place"

"I have started taking care of myself since working with you"

"Simply....i just feel at peace. I struggled with the losses i had experienced one after another and didnt know where to start, but i can truly say i am at peace. Thank you."

"You have given me so much to work with, i felt confused and clueless before our sessions"

"I was nervous to start counselling and it had taken me some time to commit. It is the best thing i have done, i feel so lifted since uncovering myself. The mental stress i have been carrying has been lifted."

"I have the power to change how I feel"

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