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Frequently Asked Questions

What is counselling / psychotherapy?

Counselling and psychotherapy can help you understand your behaviours, relationships, and situations that you may be struggling with. Seeking counselling will support you to tackle the difficulties/ problems you are facing, which will equip you with both the courage and tools to do things differently. Therapy can aid you in making positive decisions and break old patterns that may be having a negative impact on you.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

I feel that it is very important that everyone can have the opportunity to access therapy. I am therefore happy to discuss fees based on individual circumstances, where an agreement can be arranged.

What will we speak about?

Sessions are owned by you, where you will have the freedom to speak freely on whatever you wish to bring to the session. I work by following your lead that is at a pace which is comfortable for you.
Please have a look at the 'how I work' page for more information.

Is everything I say confidential?

Yes, this is correct everything we discuss remains between you and I. However, there are certain exemptions, which I will discuss in more detail with you when we meet.

How long is each session?

Each session lasts for 50 minutes. We will make an arrangement to meet on a weekly basis at the same time and day each week.

How I may feel starting therapy?

Many of my clients have expressed their difficulties around starting counselling as this can be quite daunting. It is common to feel anxious, nervous, guilty, selfish, ashamed, or feeling that you should have the ability to manage on your own and so on. Other feelings may surface such as concerns around their partners, loved ones or culture. Whatever feelings come up for you, please be assured that you are not alone and this is all very normal.  I am understanding of these difficulties and I am happy to discuss these with you to ensure you feel comfortable. 

Please get in contact if there are any further questions you may have.

"Nothing will work unless you do".

Maya Angelou

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