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A Place Called Me

Courageously Evolving



Personalised service, where ever you are

Welcome to A Place Called Me, which is a space dedicated to you and only YOU!


A Place Called Me is a space that aims to limit the voices and sounds of others, their views, opinions and judgements of you.

Instead, it promotes and increases the volume of acceptance, self-worth and self-discovery that at times can seem harder to hear and sometimes difficult to achieve.

​I understand that your experiences in life are unique to you as an individual. The challenges, pain, as well as the gifts you possess are ALL unique to you.

You may no longer feel fulfilment or enjoyment in your life based on life changes or simply very overwhelmed or trapped in difficult situations.

Have life dilemmas made you feel stuck?

Are you not feeling heard? 

Maybe you don’t feel able to express yourself freely or you feel as if you no longer have a voice, which has resulted in making you feel isolated and alone?

You may feel that you live having to often seek permission and/or acceptance from others, placing a significant amount of importance on their views and opinions both consciously or unknowably.

Whatever it may be, my aim is to help you find greater ease in managing your life! Working together to develop healthier ways to connect and communicate with others and reconnect with who we really are!

The idea of opening up and sharing with a stranger, can be considerably daunting and I understand that sharing our vulnerabilities takes a great deal of courage.
It is important to acknowledge how courageous it is of you in taking the steps to seek therapy, whether you are returning or this is your first time.

Here at A Place Called Me is your space where you can leave that all behind, a place of warmth and shelter from the outside world. A place of support, removing the fear of disappointment or the possibility of letting others down. But where you can feel safe in giving yourself the permission to focus on you, as you truly matter and embrace who you are on the inside.


My aim of creating A Place Called Me was with the mission to provide a safe and familiar place where others can be themselves: Their authentic, unashamed, truthful and brave self.

Together we will work towards becoming the true you!

Courageously Evolving through ‘A Place Called Me’

"The journey isn't about becoming a different person, its about loving who you are right now"

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